Freedom in Christ
11 Week Course- only runs once a year

The Freedom in Christ Course is a 11-week long, discipleship course designed to help every Christian break free from what is holding them back and become who they are made to be in Christ. 

SOME OF THE MAJOR TOPICS COVERED IN THE COURSE INCLUDE: The reality of what it means to be “in Christ”, Dealing with inner battles, How to resolve the effects of deep issues from the past, How to deal with repeating patterns of bad habits & sin, Dealing with your emotions, Understanding what God’s purpose is for your life

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COST will be approx $25 per person inc. Freedom in Christ Book, Steps to Freedom manual and other resources. OR $5 if you already have books (register interest but please don't pay unless you know a course is running soon)

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If you have any issues with booking or would like to book by phone or text please contact 0428 656 061